About Us

“We celebrate Wine! Food! Fun!”

-King Patrick van Hoorebeek

Founded in November of 2000, the seeds were planted and the Krewe of Cork began. That year, there was no parade. Just a group of wine lovers gathering at The Bistro at Maison de Ville the first Friday of every month, coining the term TGICD (Thank Gd it’s Cork Day). In February of 2001, while luncheon in a Mardi Gras decorated Bistro, King Patrick presented the Royal Proclamations and titles for the Krewe.

The first Royal Titles Proclaimed were Patrick Van Hoorebeek – Royal King for Life, Bill Trufant – Royal Captain, Michael Trufant – Royal Duke, Frank Piccolo – Royal Barrister, Greg Picolo – Royal Chef. The first Queen of Cork, Mary Reynolds, was also presented and a Krewe begins!

The Krewe has evolved over the years and has become more than 400 members strong and refer to themselves as Corkians. The Krewe of Cork members consist of local New Orleanians, as well as members from throughout the state of Louisiana, from various states throughout the county, in addition to International members.

The Krewe has several events throughout the year. The Monthly Friday Luncheon continues today, where Krewe members gather on the first Friday of each month at restaurants throughout the local New Orleans area for T.G.I.C.D.! The Krewe was once a fixture during the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE), opening their Royal Street Stroll with a toga parade. Unfortunately, in 2020 due to COVID, NOWFE had to suspend the event and has not yet re-instated it. However, King Patrick, who likes to keep the party going, has continued the tradition of the Royal Street Stroll. The Krewe members, donned in festive togas, parade through the French Quarter after their May luncheon at the World Famous Antoine’s Restaurant.

The Krewe’s main event of the year is the Mari Gras Season parade and weeklong festivities. Parade day, which is always two Friday’s before Mardi Gras day, begins with a Bloody Mary Check-in street party in the front of the Court of Two Sisters. All the members get to show off their cork themed costumes to their fellow Corkians, as they check themselves in for the rest of the day’s activities. The members then enjoy a champagne and wine filled brunch at The Court of Two Sisters, followed by a parade through the French Quarter. The parade is lead by The Krewe’s King, Queen and Grand Marshal. After winding through the French Quarter, all the while providing wine and cork themed throws to the crowds, the parade enters the Royal Sonesta Hotel for a post-parade party hosted by the King and Queen.

Then we do it all over again for the love of celebrating wine, food and fun!

In 406 B.C. (Before Cork) Euripides said, “without wine there is no joy” With over 400 Corkians strong, all is good in The Krewe of Cork Kingdom!